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Re: [IP] Help needed please

Besides everyone else's suggestions (dawn phenomenon, lying on the sites, scar
tissue, etc.), one other thing to consider if whether you ate an unusually
high fat or high protein dinner. If I have too much of either at dinner, my
blood sugars will rise overnight. They say high fat meals can cause a rise
even the next day. Pam

<I have a problem I haven't had before in all the years I've been pumping.When
I go to bed, my BG is normal; the other night 90.B  When I wake up in
the morning, after eating nothing all night, my BG is in the upper 180s or
higher.B  I upped my basal, but it had no effect.B  Does anyone have any
suggestions about what's going on?B  (I'm on Medicare, so of course I don't
have sensors.)>
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