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[IPn] UCSF is conduction a study SF, San Diego, LA

Hello Pumpers,

A research coordinator at the University of California San Francisco 
has contacted Insulin Pumpers and would like to recruit some 
participants for a research project. Info follows:



UCSF has developed a new program called T1REDEEM, which stands for 
Reducing Distress and Enhancing Effective Management for adults with 
type 1 diabetes. The goal of the program is to help adults with type 
1 diabetes reduce their ongoing diabetes-related worries and 
stresses, and be more successful with disease management. The program 
is part of a larger research project supported by the National 
Institutes of Health that compares two effective strategies for 
helping patients with T1D. One program, called KnowIt, provides 
participants with new advances in T1D education and behavioral 
management to reduce distress and improve self-care. The other 
program, called OnTrack, addresses the personal stresses and strains 
of having T1D, which can then lead to more successful T1D management. 
 The project will compare KnowIt and OnTrack to learn which is more 
effective for which kinds of adults with T1D. Participation involves 
attending a one-day workshop and participating in four follow-up web- 
based meetings and phone calls. Adults 19 years and older, with at 
least moderate scores on a screening scale of diabetes distress and 
A1C levels higher than 7.5% may participate. Participants will be 
asked to complete online surveys before the program and again at 3 
and 9 months. HbA1C, lipids, blood pressure, and BMI also will be 
collected at each time point. Participants will receive gift cards 
for their time and there will be no costs to participate.  All one- 
day workshops will be held in California (San Francisco, San Diego, 
and Los Angeles), and the four follow-up web-based meetings can be 
joined from home. If you would like more information about the 
program or would like to participate, please call the project office 
toll free at 1-855-850-3599 or email email @ redacted Please 
consider participating - we4re excited to offer this program to the  
T1D community.

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