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[IPn] Summer effort

Hello Pumpers and Friends,

A frequent response to fundraising requests is the comment "I can go 
to Facebook, or Yahoo Groups, etc... and it's free. Why should I give 
to Insulin Pumpers?"  

That is a good question. First, those other forums are NOT FREE. The 
are supported by the advertising that you see on the top and sides of 
every page you visit and that advertising is targeted specifically at 
you. Second, none of those organizations do anything for the diabetes 
community, they just provide convenient pages for people to make 
comments about any topic, some of which may touch on diabetes.  

Insulin Pumpers, on the other hand, advocates for and supports the 
diabetes community. Insulin Pumpers does not have a giant advertising 
revenue stream, in contrast it receives modest contributions from 
it's members and companies directly involved in the diabetes 
industry. One way or another these donors are interested in YOUR 
welfare. Insulin Pumpers directly supports economically disadvantaged 
pumpers with its pump supply program, and tries its very best to find 
and disseminate information that is both relevant and useful for 
members ot the diabetes community in general and pump users in 

If you care about what Insulin Pumpers does for the diabetes 
community and would like us to continue, then your financial support, 
no matter how little or how large, is vital to our continued success. 
Please give what you can to the Summer pledge drive by visiting one 
of these web links:


or provide a challenge for other members to match your generosity at:


Thank you for your support,
Michael Robinton
Executive Director
Insulin Pumpers
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