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Re: [IP] Dex in arm (was Dex 7+ vs G4)

Here is a video on YouTube that I found that might help see how this is 
done, she makes it look easy.  It says it's - "Dexcom Arm Sites: A 
Tutorial".  I have never tried this but one of these days I might get up the 
nerve and see if I can.


Lola Emery

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From: Gregory Legowski
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Subject: Re: [IP] Dex in arm (was Dex 7+ vs G4)

> I can never figure out how to start a new topic, so I'm just going to use
> this heading since my question is about the Dexcom.  I would like to take 
> a
> little survey of those who use the G4:  on what part of your body do you
> feel you get the best readings?  I know the arm is supposed to be a good
> place, but I live alone and my dog refuses to help me.  But, let me know 
> if
> that's your best place, anyway.  Thanks, Susan

I haven't really compared, since I long ago settled on using my arms for my
7+ and just continued to do so with the G4.  Putting it on the upper arm my
yourself really isn't that difficult, although it does take a bit of
practice.  (It actually seems a bit easier to manage with the G4, but I'm
not sure if there's actually any difference in releasing the inserter, or
if it's just a matter of being used to it)

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