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Re: [IP] Type I in Older Folks

 Signe - you seem to be the perfect canidate for the monogenetic diabetes that
is being researched at UChicago. Please go to the website and sign up for this
research and urge your relatives to do this also as the thinking is that when
generations are involved, it is a gene that has gone wrong...please read it as
they are working on a cure right now.

 My son was diagnosed before 12 months of age and he has already given blood and
spit for the purpose of dna, to decide if his type 1 diabetes is monogenetic and
if it is (50% chance), he will be cured...yes cured...with a pill.

 The next category is the one you are in which includes folks diagnosed after 12
months and before age 50... Siince so many of your family members are involved,
your chances are better that it's a genetic problem...check it out..can't

go to:   www.monogeneticdiabetes.UChicago.edu

On Jul 31, 2012, at 12:17 PM, Signe Myhren <email @ redacted> wrote:

> My endo told me that people can be diagnosed with Type I at any age. She said
 > she had a patient diagnosed at 80 with Type I, and that that person is now
 > to 90 and doing just fine! It's such a shame that so many doctors think Type
> is still limited to juveniles. I heard awhile back that there are just not
> enough endocrinologists out there. I don't know if that is true, but it's
> possible that, with managed care, people are being diagnosed with Type II by
> doctors who just don't know the facts.
 > In my own family, I was diagnosed at 16, my brother at 14, a first cousin at
> his sister while in her 20s and pregnant, their Mom (my aunt) at age 75. Then
 > (on that same side of the family) another cousin was diagnosed at age 50. On
> other side of my family, I had a cousin diagnosed at 17, while his identical
> twin wasn't diagnosed till age 27. All these folks have Type I.
> Signe
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