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> From: "email @ redacted" <email @ redacted>

> I am going to be changing pumps in Sept and have 4 to choose from. I
> would be grateful if any of you can tell me the pros and cons of the
> following pumps.Omnipod, Animas with Cgm, Medtronic VEo with Cgm or
> Roche. 
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 Most people who use a pump will recommend the one they have so this isn't a
very good way of deciding for yourself. The best way is to see them in person
and talk to the reps.

Having said that:

 OmniPod & Animas can be worn in the water. Maybe the Accu-Chek Spirit as well,
but I'm not 100% sure. You obviously can't bring the remotes/controllers into
the water.
 OmniPod is tubeless, but if you forget your controller at home you can't bolus
so you should always carry a pen or syringe/vial with you if you're prone to
leaving things behind. Of course if you're always forgetting stuff, you might
forget the pen as well.
 Some people have bad skin issues with the OmniPod adhesive because it's much
larger than a traditional infusion set.
 The Animas Vibe that works with the Dexcom isn't available in the USA yet. I do
know that the Dexcom transmitter that it uses has a 6 month life span, so every
6 months you will have to buy a new one. I know many countries outside the USA
do no have insurance coverage for CGMS, so that can be expensive if you have to
pay for it yourself. Animas has a nice color screen and a meter that doubles as
a remote. Although, I think with the Vibe the remote function had to be tossed
to accomodate the CGMS so forget I said that part about having a remote...
 The Accu-Chek pump itself is "dumb", so all of the calculations is done on the
meter/remote. You can do a basic bolus directly from the pump if you leave the
remote behind.
 Minimed was the first to integrate with the CGMS. I'm using the MM Revel, but
we don't yet have the new Enlite sensors used with the Veo here in the USA. I am
very happy with my Minimed pump and I don'
 inimed pump has a Bolus calculator on board and it takes fewer steps to program
than it does with Animas or Accu-Chek.

Which pump are you using now?

Type 1 dx 4/1987
Minimed 723 Revel + CGMS
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