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I have been using an Omnipod with Decom CGM for about 2 years.  I love it
and would probably not even take a tube version even it was free.  However,
you need to make sure the adhesive that is used does not bother you.  I had
pod failures last year but none since.  Their help line offered overnight
delivery on failed pods , no questions asked, only lot numbers.  Some
people complain about where to put it.  I have used it on my thigh, arm and
stomach. I prefer my stomach and rotate it enough that I don't come close
to using the same general area for more than 30 days and I change the pod
every 3 days.
No matter your choice once you are on the pump, you'll never go back to the
4 or five injections a day.


 On Tue, Jul 31, 2012 at 5:58 AM, email @ redacted
<email @ redacted>wrote:

> Hi
> I am going to be changing pumps in Sept and have 4 to choose from. I
> would be grateful if any of you can tell me the pros and cons of the
> following pumps.Omnipod, Animas with Cgm, Medtronic VEo with Cgm or
> Roche.
> I just think its worth hearing from people who use them rather than just
> the medical profession.
> Look forward to hearing from any of you.
> Thank you Rachel
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> .


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