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Re: [IP] Tatoo blood testing

The story of the serpent/cross (actually seraph) comes from Hebrew Scripture.
God punishes the people for their lack of faith and allows snakes the come and
strike the people. Moses begs for mercy and God tells him to mount a snake on
a seraph pole. Whoever looks at it will be healed. I have been privately
collecting, for my own reasons to back up why I don't have a tattoo, some
reasons why tattoo's are dangerous: a). We have all heard about the mobster in
Japan who got so many tattoos that it is threatening his liver and he has paid
big bucks to put up near the front of the line for liver transplants. b).
Those people who get their tattoo on the small of their back (known as, sorry
ladies, as "tramp stamps") cannot get an epidural because of the fear of the
ink going into the injection site. I am not in a position to comment on giving
birth with or without. c). The process of getting rid of them is very painful.
About 40 years from now there is probably going to be a big business in tattoo
removal as all these kids who think their tats look great on a firm body are
going to have face the effects of aging. Any others? Dennis
57 Year Old Mom Looks 27!
Mom Reveals $5 Wrinkle Trick That Has Angered Doctors!
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