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[IP] re: Victoria Waddell/Weight Loss and BG's

As I'm sure you are aware, the less you weigh, the more insulin-sensitive you
are. By losing weight, you are needing less insulin than before. The more you
lose, the less insulin you need. I was a skinny kid who became skinnier at
diagnosis, and then they overinsulinized me and got fat (150 lbs. and 5'5") I
lost that weight years ago, and my weight hovers around 123 lbs. now, causing
a DIFFERENT problem - lack of fatty tissue real estate for infusion sets!
Since there were no BG meters back in the early 70's, losing weight was hell,
and it didn't happen for me until the 1980's, after I got my first BG
meter.  Losing weight means you need to check your BGs CONSTANTLY, which means
a CGM would be helpful. I wear the MiniMed pump with CGMS (which everyone
loves to hate!) but if you don't happen to have the MM, you could always get
the DexCom. Now that you have been hospitalized for hypoglycemia, and have
proven to the paramedics that you are truly
 hypoglycemic unaware, you would find it easier to get a CGM system. Go over
to the Yahoo! CGMS group if you need to learn from anyone what the costs of
the various systems are, and the pros and cons.
I love my CGMS, and think I DESERVE it after having just celebrated my 39th
complication-free Diaversary. I think you deserve one, too. If you live alone,
as I do, have your doctor also write that on his or her letter of medical
necessity! Good luck!
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