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RE: [IP] What's in a name?

 I have a twin brother who is not diabetic. Although, we both have allergies
his are completely different allergies than mine resulting in allergy shots
for both of us as children.   His were mainly food allergies. Mine were
everything but the kitchen sink except food.  Dust, pollen, highly allergic to
feather dander from feather pillows (if I sleep on one the allergy turns into
a wicked chest cold and would put me in the hospital with pneumonia.) If I
take a shirt not worn for a while from the closet that has dust on it close to
my face I have to wipe it with a wet cloth or I will sneeze continuously until
I do. My many bouts with pneumonia was probably the culprit which destroyed my
islet cells. I am definitely a "Type 1". For genetics, no one in my family has
diabetes except me.  My mom remembered a Great Aunt of hers who had it a long
time ago. Just my 2 cents worth...
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