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Re: [IP] Pumps can be replaced when they die?

> OK, I think it was Jan H. who mentioned that some insurance co.s
> will replace pumps when they die.

There are several Jans on the list, but it wasn't I who said that. My last 
pump through ins./mfgr was '99. That 507C was still working when I was got a 
508 from a friend who could not pump due to bruising. Then a friend got a 
Paradigm and gave me her 508, and a cyberpal's pumper dh died and she sent 
me his 508.

BTW, a lady who bruised so much was observed doing her injection method. She 
stuck herself, delivered the insulin, then twisted the needle around before 
withdrawing it. She was asked why she did that? Because she was *rotating* 
her site.

Jan & Muskers- T-1 11/50, pmpg 8/83, hemodialysis 7/02 
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