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Re: [IP] Talk me off the ledge!

Hey Kathy,
          My daughter was 20 months old when she was diagnosed. Her dx BG was
almost 300. She had symptoms for a few months that we didn't recognize at the
time. (EXCESSIVE thirst, she drank a babysitter out of drinks at her house,
drank full sippy cups in 1 drink, and drank bath water when we wouldn't give
her a drink when she was in the tub. She was also going thru 20 diapers a day
and the final thing that got our attention was 1 nite @ church, she leaned
over & I watched CLEAR urine overflow out the back of her diaper.) I wish I
could tell you that your fears are unfounded, but when we tested Hadlee and
she was almost 300, we immediatly went to the E.R. where they looked at us
like we had Munchousens (sp?) syndrome. About an hour later when her keytone
test came back, they put her into an ambulance and sent her to a children's
hospital where she could be treated. The hospital wehad gone to was not
willing to do anything to her besides put an
 i.v. into her arm! Anyway, I will be praying for you all, hope it's just an
anomoly!! Please let us know what happens!

From: Kathy Barbis <email @ redacted>
To: email @ redacted
Sent: Wednesday, July 13, 2011 7:46 PM
Subject: [IP] Talk me off the ledge!

My daughter is about to turn 2. I can't deny that I have been overly
to any possible signs of diabetes in this little girl. Every wet diaper that
seems too wet has been overanalyzed by my paranoid little diabetic brain.

Song course lately I feel as though she has been peeing too much. So tonight
decided to stick her finger and test her. ( this is only the second time I
tested her. First time was 6 months ago and she clocked in at a gorgeous 84)

Tonight, the meter read 254. Not cool. So I tried again and got 199.

She had no other symptoms other than very wet diapers. I plan to call her
pediatrician in the morning. I hoping that between now and the time she is
someone on this list will tell me random highs are normal for toddlers.



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