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Re: [IP] Frustration with infusion sets

On 7/13/2011 2:48 PM, Elizabeth Blake wrote:

> A couple of questions for you:
 > 1. When you have a problem with the set and remove it, is the cannula bent?
> not, it may not be the set that's the problem but the site.

The cannula doesn't come out bent, always is straight.

> 2. What cannula length are you using?  They come in 13mm and 17mm.

I've been using the 13mm length, which actually might be too long for me.

 > 3. Are you using the insertion device or inserting them manually? I tried the
> device in the beginning but it was too much trouble so I gave up.

I've done manual insertion and automatic device insertion.
>   Do you get your supplies directly from Minimed or from another supplier?

I get my supplies through the Veteran's Administration, but I could ask 
my pump trainer for samples of other infusion sets.

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