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Re: [IP] Frustration with infusion sets

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> From: Julie Miley <email @ redacted>

 > How many of you had to try two or more different sets (no matter what brand
> pump you use) before you found one that works well for you? What were your 
> experiences with this?
> ----------------------------------------------------------

 I was started with Quick-Sets and had many problems with them. I had really
high BGs, had to change sets a lot and was ready to throw my pump against a
wall. I ended up switching to Silhouettes and I rarely have a problem with them.

A couple of questions for you:
 1. When you have a problem with the set and remove it, is the cannula bent? If
not, it may not be the set that's the problem but the site.
2. What cannula length are you using?  They come in 13mm and 17mm.  
 3. Are you using the insertion device or inserting them manually? I tried the
device in the beginning but it was too much trouble so I gave up.

 Do you get your supplies directly from Minimed or from another supplier? If you
do get them from Minimed you can try calling the Help line (NOT the order
department) and ask them for samples of other sets. You might get those sooner
than waiting for your new order to arrive. Also, MM might be able to sed you a
couple of different kinds to try rather than getting just one type.

Type 1 dx 4/1987
Minimed 723 Revel + CGMS
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