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[IP] Should I take a break from pumping?


I am wondering if you are using the same vial of insulin (or same lot #)
through all of these changes.

If you are, you might have a "bad" vial and might just need to use a fresh
bottle.  My reasoning comes from the fact that you are having symptoms in such
a short time after insertion.

Also, can you switch to a very different location for your sites?  This would
give your primary areas a chance to heal. Your medical team can help you with
that or surf the IP.

I just another pumper and not a medical professional (but I was a paramedic 25
years ago-ugh!) and YMMV!

Good Luck in finding an answer!

Katherine in NM
Pumping since 5/15/01, Animas Ping since 6/14/11

Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2011 12:58:54 -0700
From: "R Stingley" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Should I take a break from pumping?

I need help!!

I have been on an insulin pump since 2001.  I have been having issues with
scar tissue, pump bumps, infections this past year.  I currently change my
site every three days, as it's not worth it to me to change every two days,
since it takes me awhile to get the blood sugars stable after site changes.

Last night, I noticed that my site was red (sign of site infection), and I
had just changed it that morning.  So, after twelve hours, I had to remove
and reinsert in another spot.  Absorption seemed unusually poor, so I just
changed that site just now, and noticed that it too was red and inflamed.
So now I'm onto site three in just over 24 hours!

Has anyone else had this problem???  I am seriously considering going back
to multiple daily injections.

If so, will a pump vacation remedy this problem?

Has anyone gone on a pump vacation--and what were the results?  I love being
able to pump, but not if I'm dealing with infections and constant site

Any help is much appreciated!


Type 1 since 1975
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