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RE: [IP] Omnis Health no code Embrace meter


Strips from $2.75

John S Wilkinson, Rome, NY
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Has anyone every heard of or used this meter?   Since Medicare is not
paying for the number of test strips I need (9-12 per day, as
mentioned in the earlier post with Phyllis and her problems with
Medicare) I'm looking at other ways to buy strips.  I use the Animas
Ping but buying the One Touch strips is not in my budget.   I also
have a Bayer Contour that I really like and I have found some fairly
inexpensive strips for that but it looks like the Omnis Embrace meter
would have really low cost strips.   If Medicare will only pay for 6
strips per day (regardless of what the prescription is for) then I
need to fund the other half I need.   The cost of the strips on the
some of the other suggested low cost strip web sites (Bargain OTC and
Diabetic Corner) would make the Embrace system workable cost wise.
As I do with my other meter(s) I compare a BG reading with the lab
work at the doctor's office so I get an idea of how close the two
results are.  Thanks for any input on this.

Shirley, dx age 5, 1954; Animas 1250; Animas Ping
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