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RE: [IP] Double Diabetes?

Hi Francesca

What you say is interesting.  The doctor mused about Exanitude but went no
further.  I did not push him as Melissa said it was not for people with
Gastro Paresis.  When I asked him if I could also be Type 2, he jumped at it
and said that is quite possible and I could then take Metformin.  On the net
I have read about quite a lot of Type 1s who are on it and we now know we
have several in this conference so it must be possible.  I think that
possibly Exanitude is more expensive so doctors shy away from it and if
someone is diagnosed as Type 2, it overcomes the problems.  I can see that
great care has to be taken with it when taken with insulin to avoid hypos
but I am aware of this and will test frequently and use my CGM.
I agree with you that exercise is 100% the best answer to losing weight, but
I now have so many problems which I do not want to go into here that I am
finding exercise virtually impossible and am hardly even going out.  I will
try anything to try to get my health back and perhaps when lose weight other
things will fall into place and I shall be able exercise again.  I can
always hope .......

Thanks for your ideas.


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 I could be wrong about this and I do not have a medical degree but if you
insulin, according to my endo, you cannot take metformin. I asked because 
another doctor thought I should be on it.    I believe it is actually
indicated according to the data sheet that comes with it due to the risk of 

The thing that worked for me is the best for regulating blood sugar was 
exercise.  It took a while and there were lows along the way but I dont
like I used to.  I hate exercise but I cannot dispute the results.

Hope this helps...


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Subject: [IP] Double Diabetes?

Today it was suggested that as well as 50 years of Type 1, that I might also
have Type 2.  It was suggested I might try Metformin to try to help with
insulin resistance and weight loss.  The doctor has suggested a tablet in
the morning and another before the evening meal.  I have been looking at
Google and this probably sound OK and he has suggested trying it for 1
month.  My question is, has anyone else done this and if so, how did they go
about adjusting their insulin before starting.  I do not want to land myself
with a big hypo if I can avoid it.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if this is the
answer to losing weight?  I think it is worth a try.  Please give your

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