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Re: [IP] Re: venting


 I assume from your post that you have really good control. Sadly, that may work
against you with the insurance company -- as stupid as that is!

 It does trouble me that you seem a little closed off to info . Not to spoil
your "buzz" but we are more prone to things, whether you "buy it" or not -- I
don't need to list them here. I've been thru the classes ( and taught them) and
always keep my ears open for new ideas, and even "tricks" that I can pick up
from specialists and and other PwDM. i' m hoping you do listen to new ideas
(often found here) because your posting comes off a little strident and
close-minded; a dangerous way to be.

Hope you are and remain in good health.


On Jul 4, 2011, at 9:00 AM, "email @ redacted" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Thanks for the support everyone, sometimes I guess we all just need to  
> vent. Thanks :)
> Valerie,  I LOVE your outlook!!
>    At least you've got a safe place with with IP,  where we all understand 
> where
> you're coming from.
> I don't allow my  doctors to tell me I'm more prone to anything just because
> I'm a diabetic. I  tell them to keep it to themselves because I just don't
> buy it. Whether or  not I am actually prone to anything, I work very, very
> hard to keep  everything in normal range and I don't need them harshing my
> buzz.
> Susan I actually just did my first 3 days with a CGM through my endos  
> office. The economy being what it is, even with insurance over the years, it
> has
> been hard to pay for the prescriptions that go along with type 1, and have 
> extra  funds to cover everything else (doctors, etc) so I have been 
> skipping on things that I didn't really NEED, not to say I dont need an endo,
> just
> saying if it  comes between paying my copay for a specialist, and paying my 
> copay for my meds,  well then meds it is. I am finally digging out of my 
 > financial hole, and starting to get the proper care back on track. Had a CGM
> put in for 3 days, just  went over the results with the nurse, they will be 
> fighting my insurance company  to get me a CGM, but who knows how long that 
> will take.  My endo has me  attending an diabetes class as a refesher, 
 > HAHAHA I keep laughing since I am halfway through and haven't learned a thing
> that would apply to me, everything  seems aimed at type 2's, and though 
 > educational, I dont see my beta cells getting a much needed a break if I drop
> weight and exercise. Damn things have  been on a permanent break since 1977. 
> But I am told it is another step to show  the insuance company that I am 
> serious about control. 
>    Jennifer, I'm glad you could vent to all of  us.  I do have a question: 
> you
> said that your 10 year old saves  you from severe lows.  Did you ever have a
> continuous glucose  monitor?  I've been using one and I just can't be 
> without
> it.  It's  hard to afford, but I afford it anyway.  Is there any way that 
> you
> could  possibly get one?
> .
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