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[IP] Re: venting

Thanks for the support everyone, sometimes I guess we all just need to  
vent. Thanks :)
Valerie,  I LOVE your outlook!!
    At least you've got a safe place with with IP,  where we all understand 
you're coming from.

I don't allow my  doctors to tell me I'm more prone to anything just because
I'm a diabetic. I  tell them to keep it to themselves because I just don't
buy it. Whether or  not I am actually prone to anything, I work very, very
hard to keep  everything in normal range and I don't need them harshing my

Susan I actually just did my first 3 days with a CGM through my endos  
 office. The economy being what it is, even with insurance over the years, it
 been hard to pay for the prescriptions that go along with type 1, and have 
extra  funds to cover everything else (doctors, etc) so I have been 
 skipping on things that I didn't really NEED, not to say I dont need an endo,
saying if it  comes between paying my copay for a specialist, and paying my 
copay for my meds,  well then meds it is. I am finally digging out of my 
financial hole, and  starting to get the proper care back on track. Had a CGM 
put in for 3 days, just  went over the results with the nurse, they will be 
fighting my insurance company  to get me a CGM, but who knows how long that 
will take.  My endo has me  attending an diabetes class as a refesher, 
HAHAHA I keep laughing since I am  halfway through and haven't learned a thing 
that would apply to me, everything  seems aimed at type 2's, and though 
educational, I dont see my beta cells  getting a much needed a break if I drop 
weight and exercise. Damn things have  been on a permanent break since 1977. 
But I am told it is another step to show  the insuance company that I am 
serious about control. 
    Jennifer, I'm glad you could vent to all of  us.  I do have a question: 
said that your 10 year old saves  you from severe lows.  Did you ever have a
continuous glucose  monitor?  I've been using one and I just can't be 
it.  It's  hard to afford, but I afford it anyway.  Is there any way that 
could  possibly get one?
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