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Re: [IP] venting

> I don't allow my doctors to tell me I'm more prone to anything
> just because I'm a diabetic. <snip>

We do have to keep in mind that *statistically* we often get such-and-such 
more often that those w/o DM. Also, DM affects us only where there is blood 
flowing in the body. That blood often has an elevated sugar when non-DMers 
may have a 4-6% A1c. It's the way the cookie crumbles.

I had a vitrectomy 14 years ago and still see very well in that eye. 
Recently, when I close that eye, the other one is seeing wavy lines and the 
font size is reduced. I have an app't with the retinologist/vitreologist 
next month. In the last 14 years my knowledge of pumping has greatly 
improved and so have the A1c's, but I know this is DM-related and hope it 
can be corrected w/o too much discomfort or pain. YMMV

Jan & Muskers- T-1 11/50, pmpg 8/83, hemodialysis 7/02
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