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Re: [IP] Re: Dentally Challenged?

 You shouldn't let other people's negative comments affect you posting or not
posting comments. There's always going to be that person...who knows everything
about everything or feels the need to dissect whatever you post. If they enjoy
negatively picking apart anything you post, it's probably not the first time
someone has had an issue with he/she. Just ignore them, I'm sure you're not the
only one who does so.

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Date: Fri, 1 Jul 2011 15:22:38 
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Jan - 

The original post was a question regarding whether anyone else was dentally
challenged.  My comment that you referenced was an additional bit of info
and not any medical claim in any way shape or form.  And you totally
misinterpreted it - nowhere did it reference breast feeding.  It was
referring to the condition of my teeth, as in the original post.
But what I'm bothered by here and now is that this is not the first post
that you have called me on in a negative way - I don't snip to suit you, I
don't stick to the topic to suit you, and there have been other posts - do I
breathe to suit you?  I have seen other posts where you were, in my opinion,
snippy to the poster about their list manners etc.

I get the impression that if one is not a type 1 for as many years or
pumping for as many years as you that one is not worthy of comments.  I
won't be posing again and will be leaving the list and won't be bugging you
again.   I regret this because I have learned a lot but it's not worth the

Nora Nevers
T2 11/92, OmniPod 2/10

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Subject: [IP] Re: Dentally Challenged?

> Now whether this all has to do anything with my T2 diabetes or my 
> mother not being able to drink milk while carrying me who knows - at 
> this point who cares.

Since the original reference was about one of the causes of T-1, the above
is irrelevant. *They* are saying if your mother did not breast feed you, you
may get T-1. T-2 is basically a genetic condition and T-1 is auto-immune. 
They may both use insulin and have high BGs, but T-1's are cautioned against
many medications and may be treated differently. For years they did not use
insulin for T-2s.

My mom breast-fed my bro for 3 months and me, not at all. I'm still the only
T-1 in the family after 61 years of DM.

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