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Re: [IP] Intrinsically Safe Insulin Pump

On Thu, Jun 30, 2011 at 10:29 PM, <email @ redacted> wrote:

> Is anyone or know anyone wearing an insulin pump, possibly on the QT, to
> work
> as an underground miner or any other occupation (examples - refinery,
> natural
> gas pump station, chemical plant, or other flammable fuel handling
> facility)
> that may take them into an area where an explosive atmosphere could develop
> and
> intrinsically safe equipment is mandated?
Ashley, I understand from an earlier post of yours that the MSHA had
approved the Animas IR1200 for use in a mine and wondered why they wouldn't
also accept the IR1200+ and the IR1250.  All of those models are
intrinsically the same though the IR1250 did have additional memory added.
Otherwise the only differences between those pumps was only in the
programming, not something that would change any electrical nature of the
pump.  When Animas went to the 2020 the major change was the color screen
and I don't know how much of a change that would be electrically.  I think
the "watertight" sealed nature of the Animas IR pumps is the major feature
that would make the IR1200 a permissible device in potentially explosive
atmospheres and that feature has carried on in all subsequent models
including the Ping.  Does the MSHA have some type of appeal process for

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