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[IP] One Touch test strip--murphy's law strikes again

As usual, the "Man/Woman upstairs" had some more fun with me today (smile)
    We went to a buffet place, I fixed half a bowl of fried rice, added a 
bit of  Won Ton broth (no won ton) which should be about 25 to 30 carbs.
    While eating it, I noticed in my soup spoon, I had a piece of plastic 
sticking out.
    It was a One Touch test strip.
I didn't eat that bowl.
    Thinking about it, I had taken my Bg, laid the used strip on the paper 
napkin, set up my Ping for enough carbs for the whole lunch, and set Combo 
    I must have set the soup spoon on the napkin, picking up the test strip 
on the bottom of the spoon, and then dipped it into my soup.
    At least I think it was my test strip. The one on the napkin was gone.
    (smile) just another day in wonderland----
Ron  :-) 
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