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RE: [IP] Oh! Oh! Oh!

I had to make the decision that a Dexcom 7 wasn't a good choice for me,

I purchased mine out of pocket, despite having good A1Cs. I thought it would
be a great device to fine tune my numbers even more, and to see what was
happening when I wasn't testing.

Unfortunately, Dexcom only gives you 30 days from the date of purchase to
use the unit and return it if you're not happy. It took several days to
arrive and another week before I saw a trainer. Dexcom counted every one of
those days for my trial period.

For the couple weeks I was able to wear it, the numbers were so erratic that
I burned through many, many more test strips trying to compare. False alarms
and the bulkiness of the unit convinced me that I had to give it up.

Dexcom was great about convincing me the unit would be perfect for me. When
I called to return it, it was a different story. Because I called on Day 30,
I actually had to argue my case, and even speak to a vice president.

Eventually, I was able to return the unit and recoup most of my cost of the
sensors, by selling them to someone else.

I would've liked to have given it more of a chance but the time restriction
was too tight. My insurance won't cover it for me because they say I haven't
had any problems due to lows.

I'll wait until they improve and probably consider going out of pocket again
in the future. I'm looking for everything I can do to maintain/improve my


On 7/29/10 10:18 AM, "insulin-pumpers-digest"
<email @ redacted> wrote:

I was just trying to explain what happened to me and why I
> decided to return the Dexcom.  A lot of people have criticized me because of
> my decision saying that I didn't know how to use it.  I think I understood
> how to use it quite well.  But, when they tell you to set your low alarm at
> 80 or higher, that makes me wonder.  80 is not low for me.  I don't mean to
> criticize anyone or sound smug to you, I just don't have the issues with
> highs.  My issues are more with lows which is why I hoped the Dexcom would
> be good for me.  However, when the bgs it gave were always 20-30 points
> below what my meter said, setting off constant false low alarms, I decided
> enough was enough.
> RoseLea
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