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[IP] Re: night sweats?

As a recent menopausal woman (surgically, abt a month ago) I read this 
thread with interest
Previous to the surgery, I could identify lows by several symptoms, 
including sweats and I could identify highs with lots of symptoms, like 
nastymouth and the need to drink/tinkle BUT NOT SWEATS

Since the surgery (well, abt a week after) I now have THESE issues/symptoms

unexplained highs, with sweats (I am guessing hormone related, BUT neither 
the endo or gyn seems to think so)
the highs come on at night, I check, felling low and find out hat I am 260 
or more
I take more insulin, etc and it keeps going up, and at abt 350 or so it 
starts to come down, but I have injected or pumped an additional 15-120 
units to get it down below 200
(for those of you who will think of and ask abt, I have eliminated insulin, 
sites, cartridges, etc in the last 3 weeks, it appears to be related to the 
hormone patches that are changed 3.5 days....I have also been having 
migraine like headaches around these days......the headaches are before the 
BG rises, so the BG does not 'cause' the headaches.....more mysteries)

These new highs do not give me the usual (old) symptoms, like the thirst, 
etc, but the tiredness etc. is the same as the old highs
These new highs have the sweats at the beginning, and they feel like the 
sweats that have always accompanied my lows
These highs are very difficult to get back down, continuing to rise even 
after I start the correction(s)

Living with diabeasties and all of its 'variables' is irritating me, having 
the endo (after a phone call today) suggest stress is equally irritating BIG 

Looking for hormones to even out SOON and the highs to get under control 

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