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Re: [IP] night sweats - diabetes related?

I've had something similar happen. I wake up in the morning and my clothes
feel like I was sweating all night. But when I test, my bg is very normal. I
thought maybe it was dropping over night so I set my alarm for 2:00 several
times. My bg was always normal then too. I might be wrong but I think I am
just bundling up in the blankets too much. Or who knows...maybe it is

Anngelia B.
dx'd in 1970 at age 8
pumping since 1999

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Subject: [IP] night sweats - diabetes related?
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Date: Thursday, July 30, 2009, 10:58 AM

during the night I can awaken with drenching sweats. NEVER experienced 
"hot flashes" when i went through menopause ages ago. I know, a sudden drop
b/g can trigger it, and lead to a complete failure of electrolytes. Also, 
with high b/gs can happen. I get up and test and they are within normal
ranges,( unless my bg has dropped precipitously, and then i'll treat it.)
to  an endo friend and he shrugged his shoulders. Spoke to a CDE and she
did the  same. Lab bloodwork shows no abnormalities relating to this. A bit
late in  my life for hormonal happenings, no?  When they occur, i have some
water,  change my gown and go back to sleep with this huge question mark (?)
over my  head. Anyone have these with no hormonal changes as a reason?
Diabetes related?  Do men get them, too? Thanks,
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