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Re: [IP] To Cozmo users who switched 2 a new pump...

On Thu, 30 Jul 2009 14:33:29 -0500, Broonie <email @ redacted> wrote:
 ... ... ...
> I will miss the 'Barbra Ann' song that the Cozmo plays when it
> self-tests after a battery change!   Denise (and Rosilly, her new partner)

I had never noticed that the end of test song sounded like "Barbra Ann"
until you posted this.  (It is actually "OK" in morse code.)  It will
never sound like OK to me any more.  ;-}

Good luck with your new pump.

I'm staying with my Cozmo for a while.  I'm one of those strange people
who has a basal rate that change 19 times in a 24-hour day, so Animas
pumps won't work for me.  (They have a limit of 12 changes/day.)

I really appreciate the 300 unit cartridges, the ability to run the cartridge
dry and load a new cartridge in the middle of a bolus without missing any
of the bolus or basal that should be delivered while doing the replacement,
the ability to disconnect and reconnect with the ability to inject the missed
bolus at the start or end of the disconnect period, and the way it calculates
insulin on board.

I'm hoping that some other pump will provide some of these features
before my Cozmo dies.

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