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Re: [IP] BG and Meds Records

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From: "Chaim Lotkin" <email @ redacted> 

> Hi 
> I'm interested in how (and if) people keep records of their BG's and insulin 
> and meds and excercise etc etc. 

Hello Chaim,  

 I use a OneTouch UltraSmart meter, and it tracks all of those, plus more. I
also use the carelink software, but I like the (free) onetouch reports a little
better. The USB cable is $20 or $30 but well worth the investement. I upload the
pump & sensor data every 4-5 days, but I upload the meter readings daily.

 I like the line graphs the onetouch software uses better than the carelink bar
graphs. Sometimes, I forget to enter my BG's into my pump, so I trust the
onetouch reports for my actual BG's.

 You can also enter notes in the onetouch software. It also keeps track of
things like A1c's and other labs as well as exercise & sick days. It's a pretty
handy little meter, and you should be able to get it free - just dig around.

 Like Liz, I do not use the UltraLink anymore - too big a pain, and as you said,
probably a shortsighted design. I like the extra features of the Ultrasmart and
I really like the reports from their software. Lot better than keeping a manual
logbook or entering into a spreadsheet.

dx 1985 at age 32 
MM 522 8/07 
CGMS 12/07
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