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Re: [IP] can you really buy and sell infusion sets on ebay?

i think regular and NPH insulin are OTC, but the analogs like humalog
novalog and lantus are not.

I once drove out of state with infusion sets by the plenty and no insulin to
fill them for a wedding... not cool... i had to let my pump run dry giving
me my basal and avoid all carbs known to man at the reception and then leave
early and drive all the way back home instead of staying in our booked hotel

On 7/31/08, Sue Kinzelman <email @ redacted> wrote:
> I wonder what ever happened to the federal law that says insulin and
> syringes shall be available to people with diabetes without a prescription.
> Stephen Golden wrote:
>>  In Massachusetts you need a prescription for syringes. They tried to pass
>> a
>> law to make them over the counter but it failed. I was one of the people
>> that fought this a many health plans would not pay for them if they were
>> OTC.
> .
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