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Re: [IP] BG and Meds Records

--- On Thu, 7/31/08, Chaim Lotkin <email @ redacted> wrote:

> I'm personally a pumper using a Minimed 522 with CGMS
> and currently
> (diligently) use the Medtronics Carelink software (internet
> upload).
> Before pumping I kept a written log of all the above info
> in a Novo Nordisk
> "diabetes record book'.
> The carelink stuff is great but definitely lacks some
> respects of record
> keeping (ie ability to add notes and extra info that one
> might want and
> which I found possible in my longhand notebook records).
> But now I've become
> lazy and do not keep the records I used to and which often
> would be useful,
> like when I have my 3 monthly endo and diabetes educator
> visits.

 I'm using the 722 and CGMS. I still use the paper Minimed log books every day,
which I really like. They're the first paper log that I've found to have enough
room for everything I need to note. I also upload to Carelink but not every day.
If I didn't use the paper log I wouldn't remember things like carbs eaten to
treat or prevent lows. Unless you have a bolus attached to the carbs, the pump
will not remember those even if you enter them into the Bolus Wizard. I will
also not remember my exercise unless I entered it into Carelink immediately,
which is not always possible, so the paper logs are still very useful.

> Don't know why they don't improve the carelink
> software, you can't even put
> in BG readings that come from sources, other than those
> supported meters,
> for which you need to purchase  costly cables.  The new MM
> Onetouch
> ultralink meter only communicates wirelessly with the pump
> and not the
> carelink USB.  That means no ultralink data without a cable
> or without
> calibrating the sensor at each test... BAD DESIGN ME

 I have not tried uploading the Link meter to Carelink because I stopped using
it once I started the sensors. I do not want to have to remember to turn the
communication on & off and I don't want to end up overcalibrating. I love having
the BG sent to the pump, especially because it holds it in memory for awhile. I
often check my BG, enter it into the pump, then realize I haven't figured out my
carbs yet. By the time I do that I either have to enter the BG again (which puts
it in twice, no good!) or ignore the BG and add/subtract any insulin for a high
or low BG when I enter just the carbs into the Wizard.

 BUT, I do enter every BG into the pump and I tell Carelink to use the BG
readings from the pump, so I do get all of my info no matter what meter I use. I
use an UltraMini sometimes as well as the UltraSmart. I do have the Lifescan
cable and their own software but prefer Carelink. If you want to use the
UltraLink you will have to turn the comm off unless you're calibrating (and
remember to turn it back on when you do), and enter the rest of the BGs into the
pump manually. Carelink will be able to pull all BGs off the pump that way.

 For me, writing it all in the paper log and then uploading to Carelink every
few days keeps all of my records pretty much up to date and complete.

Type 1 dx 4/1987
MM715 5/2005 / MM722 + CGMS 6/08
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