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[IP] BG and Meds Records


I'm interested in how (and if) people keep records of their BG's and insulin
and meds and excercise etc etc.
I'm personally a pumper using a Minimed 522 with CGMS and currently
(diligently) use the Medtronics Carelink software (internet upload).
Before pumping I kept a written log of all the above info in a Novo Nordisk
"diabetes record book'.
The carelink stuff is great but definitely lacks some respects of record
keeping (ie ability to add notes and extra info that one might want and
which I found possible in my longhand notebook records). But now I've become
lazy and do not keep the records I used to and which often would be useful,
like when I have my 3 monthly endo and diabetes educator visits.
Don't know why they don't improve the carelink software, you can't even put
in BG readings that come from sources, other than those supported meters,
for which you need to purchase  costly cables.  The new MM Onetouch
ultralink meter only communicates wirelessly with the pump and not the
carelink USB.  That means no ultralink data without a cable or without
calibrating the sensor at each test... BAD DESIGN ME THINKS..

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