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Re: [IP] I need help

>  1) whatever my BG is in the early AM, I can be sure that it will  rise.  I 
> purposely don't eat in the Am to try to avoid this.
 > 2) Frequently my insulin resistance is so bad that it almost seems that the
> insulin is doing nothing.  We have changed basals,used temp  basals, changed 
> carb to insulin ratios, all to no avail.
>      Is anybody else experiencing this very frustrating  dilema?
> Barbara


 I am a T2, but inculin dependant for the last 15 yrs. I have insulin resistance
and can understand your chalanges.
 My C:I ratio is 4:1, except for am when i put it at 3:1. I run a basil rate of
2.0 at night, but turn it up to 2.8 from about 4-10 am.
 I know I'm a male, and my wife of 40 years keeps reminding me that our bodies
are different, but I thought I'd give you a flavor of my goofy body. I raise and
lower my basil about 5 times during a normal day. If I have a typical day, I can
use the bouls wizard and have good luck to get back to 100. I do get readings in
the 50's and the occasional puch to 200, but its' either exercise or
site/absorption problems.
 Hang in there. You seem to be doing the right thngs. Just make little changes
and keep tracking bg numbers.
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