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Re: [IP] CGMS Denial Info--Susan's question

My case in point: Medicaid/CalOPTIMA is usually very tight with things, and
I fought like heck to get my pump life started without them. I tried for the
Dexcomm, and they said no.

I then expected WWIII to get a transmitter and sensors, but, BANG. Like "Oh,
okay... Whatever, here...." I'm getting the new baby on Wednesday I think,
but she emailed me from MM to say it had been sent out today.

Instead of sitting back thinking 'ah, they'll just say no...' Go for it. If
they DO say no, well, you know to appeal it. But then they may NOT say

On 7/7/08 4:46 PM, "DAVID HANCOCK" <email @ redacted> scribed:

> RoseLea wrote
> "My point is... always go for approval even if you think your
> insurance may not approve it."
> This is so true. Insurance agencies are constantly updating their
> guidelines so what wasn't covered last week may be this week. AND, if
> you are ever issued an approval in error (and that does happen) the
> approval will be honored.
> Kelly
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