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Re: [IP] Anyone else with a Navigator who has used it on alternate sites?

For those who asked, here are my observations on my Navigator.

1)  It seems quite accurate, most of the time from about 100 up to 300. 
It's also accurate below 100 if you are dropping moderately or quickly. 
Where it doesn't seem quite as accurate is if you are creeping slowly down 
towards a low.  For example, if I just overshoot my lunch bolus a little, 
and about 3-4 hrs out begin creeping 120, 110, 100, 90, 80, 70, 60 ..... it 
seems like the CGM has a hard time getting down low.  I start to feel low 
when the CGM hits 85, and do a fingerstick, and I am at 55.  Next time this 
happens I will call to troubleshoot with the tech people; maybe I'm doing 
something wrong.

2)  The lack of an approved computer program to downlaod the data is a 
minus.  The plus side is that I have heard that the Co-Pilot program in use 
for my Deltec Cozmo will soon be released and that one will be able to 
download Navigator data in conjunction with the pump data.  This will be 
great because the daily combination printout screen from Co-Pilot is great 
and it will then show CGM readings, boluses, basal rates, events like food, 
insulin AND exercise, etc ....  all at one time.  But until that comes out 
its hard to see trends on the little screen on the unit.

3)  A great benefit is seeing now quickly when infusion sets go bad -- and 
this happens A LOT.  Much more than I thought.  One set just didn't absorb, 
and I picked it up immediately.  Most of my other sets stopped working after 
two days, so now I am swapping them out and rotating every other day.  This 
is amazing to me, and I wouldn't have been able to see this without the CGM.

4)  I am experimenting with several types of overbandages.  One sensor I 
knocked off on a door jam, and one in the gym taking off a sweaty 
undershirt.  I don't think this is a real problem because the sensor seems 
to stay on pretty well.  I just need to learn to be more careful.

5)  It beeps a lot at night -- high sugar, low sugar, projected high, 
projected low, calibration needed, etc .............  I have to turn off the 
alarms to get a good night sleep.  But it still serves its purpose; get up 
once in the night to do some business and check your sugar with a quick 

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Subject: RE: [IP] Anyone else with a Navigator who has used it on alternate 

> Hi there,
> I am waiting for my Navigator to get approved,  its my understanding that
> it will, and if not I plan on getting one.   How do you like it ?  I have
> tried the one for the mini-med and found it to be quite interesting and
> helped me get a better look at my basal rates.
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> Subject: [IP] Anyone else with a Navigator who has used it on alternate
> sites?
> I keep my abdomen free for my infusion sets, but I've knocked two sensors
> off
> from the back of my arm in the last week.  Has anyone tried it on the 
> thigh?
> Neal P.
> Cozmo pumper/Navigator CGM for 2 weeks
> .
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