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Re: [IP] New York Times Article

Hey David,

Here is a link to the 60 minutes segment about the Howard Hughes
Medial Institute. The guy doing diabetes research is Doug Melton.

Take care!!


On Mon, Jul 7, 2008 at 8:06 PM, DAVID HANCOCK
<email @ redacted> wrote:
> Well yes, that was a depressing article BUT, I find diabetes to be a very
> depressing disease! As a health care professional for the past 22 years I
> have found that even health care professionals who are not versed in the
> intricacies of diabetes management to think it is a rather easy disease to
> treat, and that if a person with diabetes has complications it's their own
> fault. We all know that is not necessarily the case. Yes, there is a strong
> correlation with tight control and a decrease in complications but some
> people seem to develop problems no matter how hard they work to control
> their diabetes. And most definitely diabetes is not easy to manage, not for
> me anyhow.  And it seems to become harder to control the longer I have it
> (going on 32 years now).  And decades of diabetes is going to take its toll
> in some way--whether it's the breakdown of physical or emotional health. At
> least it's that way for me and I doubt that I'm too different from the
> "average" person with diabetes.
> My opinion of the article is that was right on. Perhaps if people understood
> just how devastating this disease can be it would get more funding for a
> cure.
> BTW, did anyone else see a story on TV a few weeks ago about the Howard
> Hughes Research Institute in Washington DC? I had never heard of it but it
> is a privately funded research facility where the researchers can pretty
> much research what they want and there is a fellow there who had 2 kids with
> DM who is working on DM research. Since they are not government funded they
> are not subject to the governmental regulations (like they can do stem cell
> research, etc). Can't remember the name of the researcher. Seems like it was
> Douglas something-or-the-other that started with a "G."
> Just my 2 cents...
> Kelly
> now I'm off to take my cymbalta, lisinopril, metformin (in addition to my
> insulin), vytorin, and claritin (and I'm only 43!)
> .
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