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Re: [IP] New York Times Article

Well yes, that was a depressing article BUT, I find diabetes to be a  
very depressing disease! As a health care professional for the past  
22 years I have found that even health care professionals who are not  
versed in the intricacies of diabetes management to think it is a  
rather easy disease to treat, and that if a person with diabetes has  
complications it's their own fault. We all know that is not  
necessarily the case. Yes, there is a strong correlation with tight  
control and a decrease in complications but some people seem to  
develop problems no matter how hard they work to control their  
diabetes. And most definitely diabetes is not easy to manage, not for  
me anyhow.  And it seems to become harder to control the longer I  
have it (going on 32 years now).  And decades of diabetes is going to  
take its toll in some way--whether it's the breakdown of physical or  
emotional health. At least it's that way for me and I doubt that I'm  
too different from the "average" person with diabetes.

My opinion of the article is that was right on. Perhaps if people  
understood just how devastating this disease can be it would get more  
funding for a cure.

BTW, did anyone else see a story on TV a few weeks ago about the  
Howard Hughes Research Institute in Washington DC? I had never heard  
of it but it is a privately funded research facility where the  
researchers can pretty much research what they want and there is a  
fellow there who had 2 kids with DM who is working on DM research.  
Since they are not government funded they are not subject to the  
governmental regulations (like they can do stem cell research, etc).  
Can't remember the name of the researcher. Seems like it was Douglas  
something-or-the-other that started with a "G."

Just my 2 cents...

now I'm off to take my cymbalta, lisinopril, metformin (in addition  
to my insulin), vytorin, and claritin (and I'm only 43!)
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