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RE: [IP] Carelink problem resolved... sort of

<< I called Minimed and they decided that my pump has some
corrupted data in it, which is why it won't transfer.>>

I'm on your side!  We, as users, should have more control or input as to the
data for our link.  I take it as an insult that we can't edit our data.  I'd
like to be able to put( reading @200-forgot to take insulin, didn't hit
"ACT").  It's like treating us as little irresponsible kids.  "You had a
reading of 300.  Did you erase it so your doctor didn't see it?"  After all,
if we tried to erase all the bad data, it would reflect in our A1C.  If
we're responsible enough to use a pump system, wouldn't one think we would
be honest with our data!

Sorry - I had to get that off my chest.

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