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Re: [IP] Re: Dogs and disease

 Just to start out, studies have shown that the Human mouth has by far more
germs in it than a dogs. I have a Service Dog who with out her, I would not be
alive today.
  My SD(Service Dog) Annabelle is bathed weekly, so she is not dirty and her
teeth are brushed daily, her nails are ground down every other week, her ears
are cleaned 2 x per week and she is treated with flea preventative monthly.
  I should add that I have Legally taken my SD into restaurants and grocery
  My SD behaves much better than most of the children that I have run across.
  It is up to you whether you ever have an animal, but please do not put down
those of us that depend on a SD for our Lives.
                       Lisa Miller

Robert <email @ redacted> wrote:
  There is no way I would allow any animal in my house. Animals belong
outside. Dogs are so dangerous not something I would want around. They
carry nothing but disease and parasites.
Plus, you have to take care of them all the time. What a waste of money and
My sister has horses, dogs and chickens and we feel she should be put away.
She spends well over $25,000 a year on these creatures. Terrible waste of
For myself and my family we will just spend about that every year on travel
world wide and really see wonderful places, eat in great restaurants of the
world and enjoy all the great museums.
Animals are dirty folks. How could you have one in your house.

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