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Re: [IP] Sand Volleyball & Infusion Site Adhesion

Here are the solutions I've gathered trying to find something that works 
for my son. His sites fall off from sweating or bathing. We've had no 
success finding a solution that would let him swim. But maybe one of 
these would work for you:

1. Skin-tac under site
2. Hypafix tape over site
3. IV Prep, then Benzoin Ticture, Tegaderm (IV3000), then site, then 
another Tegaderm (IV3000)
4. Mastisol under site
5. Betadine wipe, then Bard wipe, then site

Good luck and let us know you find a solution!

Mom to Tarek, 16 y.o., dx Type 1 11/98, Animas 2020, Novolog, FreeStyle Lite

George Grant wrote:
> how do you keep your infusion set attached when playing?
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