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[IP] Sand Volleyball & Infusion Site Adhesion

Any sand volleyball players out there?

If so, how do you keep your infusion set attached when playing?

Note that I sweat a ton, but I've developed a pretty good regimen for keeping
the set attached for other sports.  That regimen is:  Mastisol under set,
attach set, Mastisol over set, IV 3000, with hole cutout in middle over set,
Mastistol over IV3000.  Yes, I'm basically bathing in Mastisol.

Also note that I wear my sets on my stomach, so I'm wondering if moving them
to my backside (thigh?) might help.  I'd say that 4 out of 5 times I play the
site becomes detached, and I'm assuming it's tearing off when I land on my
stomach.  I don't have the pump or any tubing attached when I play, just the

Any suggestions for keeping the set attached are welcome.

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