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[IP] Re: Dogs and Disease

I mean no offense to this Robert person, whoever he is, BUT I have to 
vent on him.

Anyone who knows me, knows that
1.  I live for my dogs, and
2.  I am alive because of my dogs.
Several years ago, Nicholas, our beloved yellow lab, was not allowed in 
the house when I met Ken, my hubby.  Me, being the softie, started 
letting him in, and he wandered further and further in the house.
One morning I almost didn't wake up, due to a low.  Nicholas barked and 
ran downstairs, out his doggy door, and got Ken from the garage, and 
made him come to the bedroom, where I was wandering around on the floor, 
having tried to get the jellies candies I always kept on the bedside.  I 
had actually bitten my arm, as the candy had fallen must be, on my arm,m 
and I knew I needed it, so I tried to get it.....Needless to say, 
Nicholas started sleeping in the house at night.
Ever since then, we have had labs, and ALL of them have saved me, in one 
way or another, so Robert, sorry you think so lowly of pets, but this is 
my story, and I am sticking to it.  Too bad you can't expand your 
horizons other than spending money traveling and eating who knows what 
awful animal meat in these other places you visit, but you ought to try 
petting a dog once, it might put some real love into your life, love 
that can't be stopped, can't be scolded to go away, can't  be beaten, 
and love that never dies, til they go over the Rainbow Bridge, and then 
they wait for you.  Google the poem, The Rainbow Bridge, and try reading 
it...see if it changes your attitude a bit.  Something needs to. 
Don't mess with my dogs, you mess with me and my health, and I stand 
fast to the fact, I NEED  my dogs.  (and kitty too, she has also 
attempted to awaken me when my sugar is low, but God forbid, she uses 
kitty litter, oh no!    :)
Lori who is still here with the help of Nicholas, Alex, Rusty Jones Man, 
Sandy LL, and son Gunnerjoe...oh, and my hubby too, Ken. :)
Oh, to add to what someone else already wrote, you probably would not be 
welcome in my home either,as  I probably have too many dog germs and you 
would get a disease worse than diabetes if they kissed you.

Robert wrote:

On Sat, Jul 5, 2008 at 10:21 PM, Robert <email @ redacted> wrote:

> > There is no way I would allow any animal in my house.  Animals belong
> > outside.  Dogs are so dangerous not something I would want around.  They
> > carry nothing but disease and parasites.
> > Plus, you have to take care of them all the time.  What a waste of money
> > and
> > time.
> > My sister has horses, dogs and chickens and we feel she should be put

> > She spends well over $25,000 a year on these creatures.  Terrible waste of
> > money.
> > For myself and my family we will just spend about that every year on

> > world wide and really see wonderful places, eat in great restaurants of

> > world and enjoy all the great museums.
> > Animals are dirty folks.  How could you have one in your house.
> > Robert


*Lori Willey*
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