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Re: [IP] Dogs and disease

Thanks to all who wrote in response to animals being "dirty  folks." My dogs 
are not 
service dogs by any means so they don't alert me when I'm low/high but I 
still love 
them dearly.  I couldn't imagine keeping them permanently  outside where I 
live due 
to the coyotes, elk, mountain lions and  bears who inhabit my area.  Even if 
wild creatures were not around I still  wouldn't leave the dogs outside.  
It is amazing to me that so many on this list have a dog/cat  that knows when 
are high/low and able to warn their owners.  
The following letter (if I could write  this well) was worth repeating in my 
Julie (Evergreen, CO) MM 722  with RT cgms (instead of a service dog/cat)

From: "Cody S. Alderson" 

Greetings Sir:

Your  statements are unfounded and uneducated. Of course I am not able to 
discern  your intent completely through an email missive, but I am 
detecting abject  hostility in between the lines as it werepossibly even 
a neuroses  condition. To feel that your sister should be "put away" is 
an outward  manifestation of hostility toward human beings who have 
chosen to have  animals as part of their family structure. Making a 
statement like that  about your sister makes it even all the more hostile.

Some have replied  that you are entitled to your opinion. On the 
contrary, since your opinion  is hostile in nature you are not "entitled" 
to it. If your posting to this  list was one-hundred percent honest then 
I do certainly hope that you will  seek therapy for the deeply ingrained 
hostility that you feel toward humans  who love animals.

It was pointed out already about how someone who has a  service animal 
may be very offended by your statements. I wonder if you  would tell us 
all how you feel about a blind person having a "dirty" dog  living with 
them as a companion helper? Or how about telling us what kind of  person 
it is who is confined to a wheelchair, and spends money on a dog to  
assist them. Should they be put away like you want your sister to be put  

People carry diseases and parasites too, and a whole lot of  them! And 
people are more than just carriers, they are highly effective  
transmitters of those diseases and parasites. Eating the food off of the  
plates at those "great restaurants" you mentioned has an inherent danger  
to it due to the fact of disease and parasites that are carried and  
transmitted by human beings. Now it is even more dangerous for you since  
you want to spend your money eating at restaurants around the world. Oh  
my what kind of diseases and parasites can one pick up in a country that  
isn't as hygienic as the United States? Not too long ago it would have  
been safer for you to eat soup out of one of my dog's bowls than it  
would have been to eat onions at Chi Chi's.

We have three very big  dogs that live with us. They are family. My wife 
and I love them like they  are our children. We have paid thousands on 
veterinary care, and the dogs  eat ultra-premium dog food. As a 
matter-of-fact one of the dogs was given a  death sentence of terminal 
cancer, and is still with us over two-years later  because God healed 
her. She has no sign of the cancer at all.

I  wonder how you feel about my statement of God healing our doggy? Would 
I be  judged by reasonable people as being entitled to that opinion? Most 
likely  the answer would be yes due to the fact that it is not a hostile 
opinion  like yours. I do not ever wish you any harm sir, but I could not 
let your  statements go unanswered. If you decide to keep your opinions 
as they are I  do hope that you will never actively or even passively 
harm any animals or  those who love them.


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