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Re: [IP] Animas 2020 paint question

My son has the silver 2020. The first pump was replaced by Animas 
because the paint came off. It wasn't just in one place, the entire body 
of the pump was down to the grey plastic underneath. My son is pretty 
careful with his pump and it wasn't due to abuse. We didn't ask Animas 
to replace it because of the paint issue, we had called in due to an 
alarm and she asked if we had any questions or issues, I asked the rep 
about the paint and she immediately offered a new pump and said that the 
paint should not be coming off.

Mom to Tarek, 16 y.o., dx Type 1 11/98, Animas 2020, Novolog, FreeStyle Lite

email @ redacted wrote:
> I've had my new Animas 2020 that is painted metallic pink for 2 weeks  now.
> It replaced the 2020 that had bright pink paint, I had that one 5  months 
> (had 
> to return it due to a high pitched sound when the backlight was on).
> Now I've noticed in just this short amount of time that the metallic pink  
> paint
> is wearing off!  I was so surprised, it is around the battery cap and  the 
> back
> of the pump.  Before I call Animas I wanted to find out if it's just  me (I 
> highly
> doubt it) or if other people have had any issues with the paint  wearing off
> very prematurely.  And if you have had this problem, what color was  your
> pump and what did you do about it?  You can answer me offline.
> Thanks much................Felice in Southern  Oregon
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