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Re: [IP] Re: Dogs and disease

 How silly and uninformed........I think spending that much money on travel
every year is wasteful but it is your money........dogs and cats are very clean
if cared for properly and it is cruel to leave them outside all the
time........it is your opinion and you are welcome to it....I am guessing your
sister is a lovely person who has little to do with
you......giggle...........but back to pumping and diabetes........animals are
proven to be a great aid for all kinds of illness........I love my 3 dogs, 3
foster dogs, 3 cats, 1 bird, 1 turtle and two teens......

On 7/5/08 7:21 PM, "Robert" scribed:

> There is no way I would allow any animal in my house. Animals belong
> outside. Dogs are so dangerous not something I would want around. They
> carry nothing but disease and parasites.
> Plus, you have to take care of them all the time. What a waste of money and
> time.
> My sister has horses, dogs and chickens and we feel she should be put away.
> She spends well over $25,000 a year on these creatures. Terrible waste of
> money.
> For myself and my family we will just spend about that every year on travel
> world wide and really see wonderful places, eat in great restaurants of the
> world and enjoy all the great museums.
> Animals are dirty folks. How could you have one in your house.
> Robert

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