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Re: [IP] Independence and Lancets

<<ACK!!! When I was diagnosed (1984) I guess the rules were quite
different, I just never changed my habits. I'm also probably the only
one that cleans my finger with an alcohol swab and wipes the blood off
with a cottonball too! I've read about "lickers" and I just can't
handle that! LOL What a small world I've created for myself. I
probably have more medical trash than two pumpers!>>

I was diagnosed in 1978 which is 6 years before you. The standards
still state to change each and every time you test, and also not to
reuse insulin syringes (since disposables came out).
I do not clean my fingers with alcohol at ALL.. Alcohol drys your skin
out, just like when you add salt to foods.. it forces the moisture out
of the food if you are saute'ing the item. If I had been eating prior
(2hr post check), or been messing with other stuffs, I will wash with
hot soapy water. Oh and alcohol can cause a false low, as it dilutes
the blood, and with hot soapy water, you dry your hands off with a
towel (cloth or paper).
Wiping the blood off. I am forced at times to use those due to having
a bloody mess (finger just drip drip drip), but mostly I just shove my
finger that I poked right on into my mouth.. been that way basically
since day one... mum used to yell at me for doing that, but then
sometimes I also use bandaids.
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