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Re: [IP] Miniature dachshund gnaws off diabetic owner's toe

Actually, the dog may well have smelled decay in the toe, if there was any
gangrene involved. There are dogs out there who can sense and smell melanoma
and other surface cancers. We will never know what is going on in their
little heads.

As she apparently did not wake during the 'canine amputation' the pet
probably felt it was dead and took it away from it's mistress. I don't
believe the dog should have been put to sleep, to the dig, he was doing a
good thing.

I have had a couple of major blisters and bleeding, and my lab/terrier would
lie beside my foot, licking it clean. In a day or two, the foot was
completely well.  My Poms are notorious around here for getting me up during
a hypo as well.

On 7/4/08 6:42 PM, "Mike Shamel" <email @ redacted> scribed:

>> I can't believe that put that dog down..........had sad and
> stupid.........the dog was trying to help his master.......geez
> I agree they should not have put the dog down.  But how do you figure the
> dog was trying to help his master?  Probably thought it was a chew toy.
> Little bit of an ewwwww factor here.
> Mike
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