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Re: [IP] mm cgms - and lows

I have to remember the sensor reading can be up to five minutes   
BEFORE the actual meter reading. I clue is the trend. If I'm on the  
way down, I test with the meter and if lower than liked, I get some  
juice or a packet of honey.

The sensor does go lower for a couple of times, but If I've treated to  
bring it up, I ignore and quell the alarms.

On Jul 2, 2008, at 9:06 PM, Elizabeth Blake wrote:

> Tonight after dinner I dropped low (which I was actually happy  
> about, because
> the past week I've had so many unexplained highs) and my meter said  
> 49. The
> sensor said 76 so hadn't alarmed. I treated my low and about 13  
> minutes later
> the pump alarmed, and alarmed again 15 minutes later after I cleared  
> it. My
> blood sugar was on the way up but it takes awhile for that to carry  
> over to the
> interstitial reading. My sensor readings continued to drop (and  
> alarm) for
> awhile but are now slowly going up.
> I set the Low Alarm to 80 for awhile but I was getting too many  
> false low
> warnings. It seems to take awhile for the sensor readings to catch  
> up after I
> treat a low.
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