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Re: [IP] mm cgms - and lows

--- On Wed, 7/2/08, CM Ullom <email @ redacted> wrote:
> I've had the sensor since last October. My problem is
> that it does not pick up
> my lows. I have to set my alarm at 100 because that means I
> can be anywhere
> from 80 to 60 really. If I'm above 100 then my sugars
> are pretty much right on
> with the sensors.  Today I was 99 on sensor and actually 68
> - the other day I
> was 98 with an actual 65.  Anyone one else have this
> problem?  Really some
> what pointless to use the sensor if its not going to catch
> my lows before I'm
> in trouble. I'm glad that I don't have lows often,
> but when I do they are not
> convenient.  - Thanks folks

 I've only been using the sensor for a week and I notice that when I really am
low, the sensor is still showing me in the 70s-80s. I have the low alarm set to
75 but by that point I can be much lower. SOmetimes when it alarms I'm higher
than 75. It's not measuring blood glucose so you can't expect the readings to be
like meter readings.

 Tonight after dinner I dropped low (which I was actually happy about, because
the past week I've had so many unexplained highs) and my meter said 49. The
sensor said 76 so hadn't alarmed. I treated my low and about 13 minutes later
the pump alarmed, and alarmed again 15 minutes later after I cleared it. My
blood sugar was on the way up but it takes awhile for that to carry over to the
interstitial reading. My sensor readings continued to drop (and alarm) for
awhile but are now slowly going up.

 I set the Low Alarm to 80 for awhile but I was getting too many false low
warnings. It seems to take awhile for the sensor readings to catch up after I
treat a low.

Type 1 dx 4/1987
MM715 5/2005 / MM722 + CGMS 6/08
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