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[IP] RE: CGMS and Quality of Diabetes Treatment

>>This one is for those who currently use a CGMS with their insulin  pump on a
regular or semi-regular basis.

My question is how would you  rate your experience with this technology?

Would you say:

a) I  have significantly improved control using the CGMS in conjunction with  
pump. And would attribute better control to having a CGMS.

b)   It only shows me what I already know.

c) I have regretted or found no use  in having one of the current CGMS'.

Any if you would be so kind to  elaborate on why you would place yourself in
either group A, B or  C.<<
I am going to put myself in group A. I have significantly improved my BG  
 with the CGMS. I like the fact that I can see a low or a high and I can correct
it sooner then later before it gets worse. We all know how frustrating  lows 
can be and this is a huge improvement for me. 
MM pumper and CGMS 

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