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Re: [IP] CGMS and Quality of Diabetes Treatment

I love mine!!!! Yes, I knew I had troubles, but I can in fact see more
definitively WHERE my sc**w ups are.

More in your email:

On 7/2/08 4:29 PM, "SteimQuest" <email @ redacted> scribed:

> This one is for those who currently use a CGMS with their insulin pump on a
> regular or semi-regular basis.
> My question is how would you rate your experience with this technology?
> Would you say:
 > a) I have significantly improved control using the CGMS in conjunction with
> pump. And would attribute better control to having a CGMS.

Yes, I would say in the last month and some, I had a few hiccups in the
beginning, but now I can try and remember to look more clinically at the
results and instead of getting depressed, remember to see the whys and what
to do's.
> b)  It only shows me what I already know.
No, I've learned some things about my BGs and food handling.
> c) I have regretted or found no use in having one of the current CGMS'.
Totally, utterly false :-) I even have gown the guts to try to run in the
normal ranges as I  don't fear Hypos like I did without the CGMS beeping at

> Any if you would be so kind to elaborate on why you would place yourself in
> either group A, B or C.
> Thank you CGMS pumpers!
> Timothy
> Pumping Insulin Since 2000
> MM508 / Cozmo (current)
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